"Welcome to the Isla Mago branch of Jurassic Park, valued member of the InGen family! Here at International Genetics Incorporated, we are devoted to the safety of our employees, which is why management is deeply saddened by your recent and incredibly unfortunate accident allegedly involving the Coelacanth Fish Pedicure exhibit. 

As per the stipulations laid out in your lawsuit, you have been granted the position of Chief Security Officer and Operator of the B.U.T.T.O.N. (Binary Utility for the Tethering of Theropods Overindulging in Non-dinosaurs); your personal office is located in the most secure building on the island, and has convenient access to restroom and refreshments. We sincerely hope that this arrangement is satisfactory to you, and would again like to say that we are devoted to your comfort and safety while in our employment."

Learning from past experiences with mass power outages, InGen has implemented a new, easily-operable failsafe device for this Jurassic Park facility. All of the security fences of the park are kept active by holding down the titular button on your desk (tied to a particular key on your keyboard). If the power shuts down, the dinosaurs will obviously take the opportunity to escape from their enclosures, gradually wandering into the control room where you and your tasty crew are. 

Made for Wizard Jam 6, based off of the Idle Thumbs' GDC 2011 episode of the same name.

  • 6 levels
  • 4 dinosaurs
  • 1 clock
  • Many buttons

Short dev log here.

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